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self portrait of simon ellinas HELLO! I’VE BEEN earning my living from one form of art or another since the late twentieth century. Since spending my school and college days just drawing people and subsequently getting some painting practice in at art school, I went into graphic design, designing up newspapers, magazines and books. The arrival of Apple Macintosh supercharged this business and I was soon involved with publications for clients such as Abbey National (now Santander), Pickfords Travel, Rolls-Royce, British Telecom and many others.

At the same time, demand was growing for cartoon illustrations and caricatures from a wide variety of publications. These grew to become the main business as companies built up their in-house publishing departments freeing them of the need for outside freelancers such as myself.

Additional to providing cartoons and caricatures for publications and advertising, I got involved in providing on-the-spot entertainment by drawing caricatures of people at parties and events. All of this continues to this day.

Around 2016, a local art society asked if I’d like to join and inspired me to pick up my brushes and oil paints again. I started being exhibited in local group exhibitions and have since had a couple of my own shows where, thankfully, some work has sold and private commissions have come in.

I paint portraits from life and from photos, although a combination of the two techniques is ideal and am available for commissions. Please fill in the form below with your enquiry and I’ll get back to you immediately.

Oil painting of David Bowie – Eyes only

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