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Beatles Abbey Road Triptych Painting

Abbey Road Triptych Painting

CURRENTLY IN PRODUCTION, this triptych of the famous Beatles’ Abbey Road record cover will be seen at my forthcoming exhibition at The Reel Cinema, Borehamwood. The photography isn’t great (just from my phone) but you can see the way the triptych is split. The idea was to emphasize the world-famous zebra crossing itself. Measuring 210 X 70cm this could be an item for an appropriate restaurant, perhaps, or a Beatles fan with lots of large wall space!

beatles abbey road painting

Abbey Road Triptych

Painting of the Beatles on Abbey Road zebra crossing

WORK CONTINUES, when life allows, on the Beatles’ Abbey Road zebra crossing triptych. The forthcoming exhibition at The Reel Cinema in Borehamwood is giving me lots of space so I thought a large piece like this might make good use of it along with some of my other paintings. This is half finished and I have been trying acrylics for the first time as they will be dry in time for the exhibition.

Canvases for triptych painting
Canvases for triptych painting

The start of a triptych painting

AFTER A BRIEF hiatus I have been urged back into painting action by a flash of inspiration. The 50th anniversary of a historic event led me to visualise what I could do with three 70 X 70cm canvases I salvaged from a charity shop some time ago.

The first stage is to give them all the same background and this has been started thanks to some wonderful ready-mixed paints for £1 a bottle from The Works!