Have your portrait painted!

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PEOPLE AND PORTRAITS seem to be my obsession.  I had a go at painting a house the other week and, to use the journalistic cliché, felt distinctly underwhelmed by the results.

Painting portraits is far better done from life, where you get a true, rounded impression of your subject. I sometimes get experience at the Barnet Guild of Artists sessions on Fridays (see pic). All of my celebrity renderings are from photos and, while great fun, feel a bit like cheating, basically transferring one flat image to another.

In commercial practice, a real life portrait commission would consist of several one hour sessions with the sitter plus loads of photos to work from on the finished piece.
I’m willing to offer this to anyone who fancies their portrait being painted in return for being under no obligation whatsoever to buy the finished piece if they don’t like it. (But if you do – all the better!) I can visit anyone in the London area. Contact me if interested.

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