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Oil Painting of Saxophonist

Oil Painting of Saxophonist

THIS OIL PAINTING was commissioned by a Facebook friend connected to the music industry. He saw the Roger Waters painting and asked if I could paint a saxophonist in a smokey club.

Loosely based on Clarence Clemons who played in Bruce Springsteen’s E-Street Band, I had challenges, and fun, trying to get the saxophone to look authentic and to make the fingers look like they are doing something.

One of my first actual commissions, this is an example of the sort of people-based commissions I am specialising in. Let me know if you have any questions about commissioning an oil painting from me.

Painting in Progress

AFTER A BIT of a hiatus (caused by a rest needed after a two-month-long commission for a Muswell Hill Restaurant, of which more later), I have returned to my B.B King portrait painting. This started as a pencil sketch, which I was very lucky to actually sell at my last exhibition.

I have started with a blue tonal underlay which I am gradually covering in dabs of primary colours, hoping it all adds up to a convincing skin tone. It was tempting to finish it all off with blue shades to reflect the style of music but playing with colours is far too alluring, especially for someone partially-colour blind like myself!

Painting of Roger Waters

Oil Painting Portrait of Roger Waters

Painting of Roger Waters of Pink Floyd

THIS PAINTING of Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters was SOLD at my last exhibition to an avid Pink Floyd fan. It follows an initial quick sketch from a photo:

Roger Waters’ facial structure lends itself particularly to caricature so you can see the difference in the two versions. I am interested in the conjunction of faces and hands in portraits and it is fascinating to study this relationship in musicians. I am currently working on a painting of Blues legend B.B. King, but more on that later!

portrait painting of leonard cohen

Portrait painting of Leonard Cohen

PART OF THE #RIP2016 collection, this is a depiction of singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen, famous in later years for having composed the much-covered anthem Hallelujah. During this project I was most interested in getting as close to the face as possible without losing the likeness. Of course, with Leonard Cohen’s distinctively intense eyes this should be easy.

Thei painting is oilon canvas, 60 X 60cm and is framed. £750.00 plus any packaging/transport costs.

portrait painting of Prince

Portrait painting of Prince

portrait painting of Prince

OIL PAINTING PORTRAIT of rock musician Prince. This was one of a selection of portraits in the #RIP2016 series featuring some of the sadly-departed celebrities of that year.

It is painted on a canvas measuring 30cm X 90cm and is available, framed, for £750.00 plus any packaging/transportation costs. contact me in the form below if interested or with any queries.